How we work

The frequency and length of a coaching programme is agreed at the contracting stage. Usually, coaching programmes last between 3-9 months. However, where there is a need for a one-off session or a shorter, more intensive coaching programme, these can also be arranged.

Delivery of coaching services may be offered in-person and/or virtually subject to coach/client agreement.

A free online ‘discovery call’ is offered to all clients. This is a no-obligation call to understand more about your needs and aspirations and for you to gain further clarity on how AJK Leadership Coaching services could help you.

Coaching for Leaders

Working on a one-to-one basis with a leader over a mutually agreed period. The focus of each coaching partnership is tailored to meet the needs of the individual leader and their specific level of leadership (executive/senior, middle and aspiring leaders). AJK Leadership Coaching recognises that all leaders, regardless of experience, can benefit from coaching. As such, it provides bespoke coaching for leaders at every career stage and experience level and takes a holistic approach to their development. 

Team Coaching

Working with a leader and their team to enable collective impact. Supporting in understanding and appreciating one another’s values, strengths, weaknesses and aspirations. It enables teams to leverage their diverse skills and strengths so they are better equipped to manage increasing business demands, future challenges and workplace conflicts more effectively. The focus is on empowering teams to work collaboratively, with enhanced trust, respect and synergy.

Group coaching/ facilitation

Working with a small group of leaders or individuals, who have been brought together to work on a specific organisational issue or common goal. Coaching and facilitating them to consider and reflect critically on the issue or common goal, find creative, flexible and workable solutions, develop a plan of action, implement the actions, and then evaluate the results.

Book a Free 20-minute Discovery Call

Contact AJK Leadership Coaching for a free 20-minute call where we’ll discuss your requirements and recommend the best coaching package for your needs.