Enabling leaders to develop themselves
and others

Leadership Coaching that creates supportive cultures that help everyone realise their potential

Coaching leaders who grow teams that thrive

AJK Leadership Coaching specialises in working with organisational leaders who appreciate the significance of investing in themselves and their people, and co-create cultures in which everyone is supported to realise their potential.

For Individuals

AJK Leadership Coaching works with leaders on a one-to-one basis, acting as  a thinking partner, sounding board, critical friend and even co-strategist.

For Teams

Working with a leader and their team for collective impact,  supporting them in understanding one another’s values, strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.

For Groups

Working with a small group of leaders or individuals, who have been brought together to work on a specific organisational issue or common goal. 

About AJK

Alison Keyworth is the founder of AJK Leadership Coaching. She is a Level 7 ILM accredited executive coach and member of the Association for Coaching, with over 18 years’ experience of facilitating the learning and development of others.


Leaders cannot succeed alone

AJK Leadership Coaching recognises that leadership is both an incredible privilege as well as a huge responsibility. Against an ever volatile, complex and uncertain global backdrop, some might argue that leadership is an unenviable place to be.

However, for those who choose to take up the mantle or for those who find themselves, often unintentionally, in a leadership position, the one thing they can be sure of, no matter how determined, experienced or qualified they may be, is that they alone can’t bring about results.

Results can only be achieved through a collective team effort and that requires everyone to feel sufficiently engaged and motivated to bring their A-game. 

Coaching for human-centric leaders

We know that employees are the backbone of any organisation and that they will go the extra mile if they feel that their organisation genuinely cares about them. 

Effective and successful leaders understand this and recognise that they have a significant role to play in creating, promoting and sustaining a culture in which every member of the workforce feels valued, appreciated and supported.

Where leaders are able to do this authentically, the rewards can be incredible and far-reaching. Evidence suggests that adopting a human-centric approach to leadership can boost employee engagement, retention, recruitment, productivity and creativity.

AJK Leadership Coaching is on a mission to support leaders to do just this!


Supporting leaders of all levels

AJK Leadership Coaching is passionate about supporting leaders, at all stages of their career progression, to become the very best versions of themselves so that they, in turn, can inspire, engage and empower their people to realise their potential.

Through a range of bespoke leadership coaching services, AJK commits to partnering with leaders to support them in developing:

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